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Karaoke Hen Parties

Planning a hen party is as important as planning the wedding. It’s important to be able to include everyone from the young to the old and the eternally grumpy to the forever happy in your groups. You have to know what each individual’s tastes are and how to cater to that, there is one thing though that everyone enjoys: music. Guests will have their own tastes in music, and that’s where Karaoke Network comes in. We have a selection of over 9000 songs, from songs made in the swinging sixties until the naughty noughties and everything recent and in-between those times. So if you’ve got a rock chick tagging along with some pop queens, she’ll be able to find her song on the system and can get involved with the fun.

At our private karaoke parties, we can provide many additional extras, such as: a stripper, drag queen, props and so on, whatever you ask for we will work our hardest to source for you. This is why so many hens go with us, you have your own space so you can get upto what you want in the venue, without having any judgmental eyes on you. Our private parties in London also separate you away from all of the fuss of getting people to and from different locations in London, with Karaoke Network you can book a restaurant that can provide you with food and karaoke in the same place, saving you travel time (no drinking time – if you’re on the tube), a count of heads before getting on or off the transport (you could use crocodile style and travel buddies – but I thought that got left behind in year 3 miss/mrs). We have a wide selection of restaurants that we work with that can provide for even the trickiest of taste buds.

Special requests? Don't hesitate to contact us and we're sure we'll be able to accommodate them into your karaoke hen party. So to treat your blushing bride or any other karaoke hen party enquiries you may have, give us a call on 020 3011 0150 and leave the rest to us - though we can't promise to get you to the church on time!

Nove Karaoke Party 19/11/11 Nove Karaoke Party 19/11/11