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Office Karaoke Party


Planning an office party can be tough, pleasing everyone is always difficult. You can't always get the right entertainment, someone is always going to complain about the music choices well why don't you take control of the music yourself with everybody singing the tunes they want to hear. Our machines have over 9000 songs and counting so you'll find something to please everyone.
One problem is location, the obvious choice is to get yourself out of the office and away from all of the breakables and personal items in there, also avoiding any health and safety mishaps. However leaving the office gives you the issue that you all might get split up or allow people to go away into their own cliques. With Karaoke Network you book out your own private function room so that none of these issues occur. With all of the venues accommodating your need for personalization – they're open to you decorating the room to your theme.

Get everybody involved with a theme. We find it's always better to have a theme for an office party to save people the dilemma of what to wear, and the immortal question of 'am I too dressed up for this night out?' With karaoke everybody gets the chance to forget about the issues of what others think of them and just get down to the music.

Karaoke in London
Serve food for people. Everybody tries to get out of office parties now and then, but when you're offered free food how could they resist? With all of our venues being able to serve food it is a massive positive for everybody who wants to come to the party, especially when you're trying to refrain from getting too drunk around your colleagues.
And perhaps most importantly, giving out awards will give everybody the competitive edge at the event. Don't forget that you don't always have to have prizes for best singer, best outfit and showman/showwoman are fantastic prizes to give out, and for those winners to brag about on the Monday after the party

We hope this has helped you to have a fantastic karaoke party, and for any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on 0207 060 3610 or email us at

Happy Karaoke-ing!

*Drink responsibly.