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Sarah's birthday party

Sarah wanted to find something a little different to do for her birthday party, she loved the idea of a private karaoke to spice things up. She decided to contact Karaoke Network after seeing our extensive list of private hire venues across the city and the 9000 songs on the system would have something for all of her guests.

She didn't want to burden her friends with an expensive bill, yet still wanted a big party at a central London venue. Fortunately for Sarah, Tony, our advisor set Sarah up with a great karaoke deal in Soho, giving her the cheapest price per head in London. The location for Sarah was great, she would meet her friends at Oxford Circus and go for their meal in Mayfair, then walk 5 minutes over to their karaoke venue.


Sarah and her friends were surprised at how easy the software was to use, after only using CD based karaoke before they soon got their playlist onto the system. After a few drinks they worked their way through the song list.