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Karaoke Pubs

Karaoke Christmas Party - The Old Crown

The early 18th century saw a huge rise in the number of drinking establishments, but it wasn't beer that the punters were drinking. Due to its cheapness, a craze for gin had swept the entire country, leading to the establishment of "gin palaces". Concern about the about the widespread inebriation caused by gin eventually led to 1751 Gin Act, which restricted its sale.

Now you can drink all the beer and gin you want at one of our Karaoke pubs. It's like the Old English pubs, but with Karaoke, which makes everything better!

Come to one of our recommended Karaoke Pubs, to start the Karaoke Fun!

The Old Crown

Karaoke Christmas Party - The Old Crown
The Old Crown has a comfortable Lounge in which to host intimate private parties as well as a very spacious top floor, both with a private bar. The top floor adds a new level of luxury with its own DJ and tons of space to dance and sing your Karaoke Bar nigh away.

Burlington Arms

Karaoke Christmas Party - Burlington Arms

The Burlington Arms' seasonally decorated upstairs function room has its very own seasonal decorations. This always sets the mood for the perfect Karaoke Bar night. With years of experience in the business, this venue will surely satisfy your Karaoke Bar needs