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Top 10 Karaoke Party Tips

Karaoke Network's Top 10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Karaoke Party

1. Choose the best venue for your party
Visit to find the best Visit Karaoke Venue for your event. Our website has all the basic information about our venues as well as venue pics, pictures from our previous parties, food and drink menus and a whole host of other ideas to help you hold the perfect karaoke party with us. If you want more advice, tips and recommendations, just call our Karaoke Network team on 020 7060 3610 and we'll be happy to help!

2. Order food and snacks before the party
Karaoke needs a lot of energy! Pre-order food and nibbles before the party to make sure you and your guests stay energised and ready to bring a whole new level of singing to your fabulous night. Through our friendly venue managers, you'll be able to order your choice of food from the venue's delicious menus.

3. Pre-order drinks for some immediate Dutch courage
Don't wait for ages to gain some Dutch courage - you'll be losing out on valuable singing time! Your hired bar is guaranteed to be rammed with guests wanting to get the party started. Why not contact the venue before the party and order a selection of drinks? It means less waiting time for you and more importantly - more singing time on the night!

4. Circulate our 9,000+ strong song list to your friends
Prepare for the night of your life! To get all your guests in the karaoke mood, send them our Karaoke Songlist so you can all get a taste of the mayhem to come. Not only does it save time on the night, you can all choose your favourite tunes to belt out!

5. Create your own songlist
This means you can save precious singing time by selecting songs from our own songlist and making a note of what songs you want the world (or at least, your guests!) to hear! Stuck for ideas? Check out our Karaoke Network’s suggested playlists!

6. Create a hilarious theme for a night you'll never forget
With our playlists ranging from hip-hop, rock, Eurovision to Jubilee playlists, why not have a throw a themed party where everyone can get stuck in with the celebrations! Especially popular for hen-nights, stag-do's and birthdays, a themed party with plenty of props can elevate your karaoke party to new heights of hilarity and have everyone laughing all the way home.

7. The more the merrier
Karaoke is a brilliant way to get everyone together and is one of the only ways to get your guests to know each other in a completely different light. Invite as many people as you can to keep the party alive and as loud as possible!

8. Get your party started
No-one wants to be first on stage. Find a fun way to get people involved early on. Write some song names and your guest names on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Or think up other games to get your guests relaxed and ready to bring the house down.

9. Designate a host
Karaoke can be chaotic, especially if everyone's fighting over which songs to play! Designate someone to make sure that everyone gets a turn on the machine and can belt out their own favourite songs - this way, everyone gets a turn and if you're lucky, you might just uncover the next Adele!

10. Choose our free photographer
Our online gallery is full of our happy karaokers and photos of their wild karaoke parties! We can provide you with our very own photographer to capture the night - so you don't have to worry about snapping up the memories! Emma Citron, Head of Customer Experience at Karaoke Network says: "People love taking pictures to remember their nights. With our photographer, our optional free service means you get professional-looking pictures and it makes you feel like a superstar with your own paparazzi!"* We also welcome you to share your experience with us - send us your own pictures of your karaoke party and we’ll pick the best to feature in our online karaoke gallery!

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*Please note photographer is subject to availability