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Kareoke London

Karaoke in London has become very popular in the las 5 to 10 years. Karaoke is extremely popular in Asia as a way to relax and escape from the hustles and hurdles of modern city life.
The most popular way to do Karaoke is in a Karaoke booth. In London there are some few good Karaoke London places, but none of those offer the premium experience that Karaoke Network has in store for you!

Chose one of our more than 15 venues and for Karaoke London and enjoy the fun! We offer private rooms with private bars. Forget about pressing a button and waiting for a server to come. YOU GET YOUR OWN BAR! What's better than that! We offer Karaoke London nights for groups of 10 to 80 people.

What's more, we have state of the art equipment to ensure that you have a Karaoke London Party you'll never forget! This includes a Flat screen, a tablet with over 9.000 songs and Bose Sound System.

Here are some recommendations for your ultimate Karaoke London Night!


Karaoke Christmas Party - Korkers

Korkers, located in the heart of London's vibrant Soho district, is an intimate private bar that is perfect for a Karaoke Party. The venue is dedicated to your party, that's why it is one of the most popular Karaoke bars in London.

Burlington Arms

Karaoke Christmas Party - Burlington Arms

The Burlington Arms' seasonally decorated upstairs function room has its very own seasonal decorations. This always sets the mood for the perfect Karaoke Bar night. With years of experience in the business, this venue will surely satisfy your Karaoke Bar needs

The Old Crown

Karaoke Christmas Party - The Old Crown
The Old Crown has a comfortable Lounge in which to host intimate private parties as well as a very spacious top floor, both with a private bar. The top floor adds a new level of luxury with it's own DJ and tons of space to dance and sing your Karaoke Bar nigh away.

Karaoke bars offer a unique and sought after blend of sophistication, fun and diversity from the norm. With delicious cocktails on offer, the option of a bite to eat, and privacy for guests, Karaoke bars make the whole karaoke experience more sophisticated. Customers feel welcome, comfortable and at home in this mature setting whilst belting out tunes with uncompromising enthusiasm.

Most of the leading Karaoke bars in London are situated in the colourful Soho district. One of the most loved Karaoke bars in Soho is Source Below. Source Below is Karaoke Network’s flagship venue. It boasts a state of the art touch screen Karaoke system, a fully stocked bar with a comprehensive cocktail and wine list and a varied food menu for any party members who fancy a snack. The intimate and relaxed karaoke bar can accommodate up to 40 guests and provides a great space for a chilled night out in London.

Other Karaoke bars have a more lively and energetic approach to adult cool and offer wigs, tambourines and a dressing up box to really transform performers into the divas or rock stars they are emulating.

So, whether it’s chilled sophistication you are after in a karaoke bar or if quirky and energetic is more your bag. Karaoke is happening! Has been for a long time and will be for a lot longer. So get with the everlasting trend at your nearest karaoke bar.