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Karaoke Booth

Karaoke BoothKaraoke Booths were first invented in Japan, where workers would go regularly after work to blow off steam and sing with friends. To this day the Japanese still enjoy this pastime. Karaoke booths have also, recently become popular in London, many venues now offer the service.

Korkers is Karaoke Network’s first answer to the Karaoke booth. With a capacity of up to 40 people, it is a little on the large side. However the venue offers the sophisticated atmosphere that karaoke booths are known to provide and is a great place to meet up with friends and shake off a hard days work. Another excellent karaoke booth that Karaoke Network bring to the table is The Old Crown. The elegant venue provides maximum comfort in it's Lounge, and if you wanna go all out, they also offer a spacious top floor.

Karaoke booths come in all different shapes and sizes, a few other popular booths in London cater for groups of just two people, others cater for groups of up to 30. The smaller Booths are a lovely option for a quiet singsong. Some are designed to emulate the swanky traditional Japanese booths with plush furniture and bespoke cocktails being served, these can be quite expensive. Others have the whole trendy shabby chic vibe and offer customers value for money on drinks and food and a modern party atmosphere.

Whatever helps you relax, laid back and cozy or glamorous and spacious, karaoke booths have it all and are just the thing to help Londoners unwind.

Karaoke Network's Recommended Karaoke Bars:


Karaoke Christmas Party - Korkers

Korkers, located in the heart of London's vibrant Soho district, is an intimate private bar that is perfect for a Karaoke Party. The venue is dedicated to your party, that's why it is one of the most popular Karaoke bars in London.

Burlington Arms

Karaoke Christmas Party - Burlington Arms

The Burlington Arms' seasonally decorated upstairs function room has its very own seasonal decorations. This always sets the mood for the perfect Karaoke Bar night. With years of experience in the business, this venue will surely satisfy your Karaoke Bar needs

The Old Crown

Karaoke Christmas Party - The Old Crown
The Old Crown has a comfortable Lounge in which to host intimate private parties as well as a very spacious top floor, both with a private bar. The top floor adds a new level of luxury with it's own DJ and tons of space to dance and sing your Karaoke Bar nigh away.