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Private Karaoke

Private KaraokePrivate karaoke has opened up my eyes to a whole new realm of karaoke. Although, public karaoke is an enjoyable experience (you meet new people, get a little merry and sometimes get the chance to sing your favourites) private karaoke, to me, trumps it’s older relative every time!

The major difference between private karaoke and public karaoke are the different atmospheres they invoke. Private karaoke provides the perfect mix of adult appeal and straight forward entertainment for young professionals. It is a discreet and relaxed evening with familiar faces and provides a great alternative to it’s bolder, older cousin, public karaoke. Which, rather than the comfort and discretion, can cause a raucous affront to the senses, depending on who’s on the mic!

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere they provide, private karaoke parties come with a private bar! Providing snacks and of course a number of yummy beverages, alcoholic and soft alike, to tempt punters with. This, unlike public karaoke, means no queuing up for ages behind 101 tipsy Londoners, who are spilling drinks over your good suede shoes, whilst singing about a yellow submarine! No!! With private karaoke the bar is easily accessible, if there is minimal queuing, you wont have to worry about the strange guy next to you drunkenly knocking your drink out of your hand, as everyone in the room is your friend!

Which conveniently brings me to my last point. With everyone in the room being friends, it means that even the most shy karaoke enthusiast will feel comfortable enough to belt out their favourite songs with unbridled feeling! Also as the karaoke machines are operated by the customers, they can choose how fast or slow paced the evening is. Whereas, with public karaoke you often get the same lush babbling the wrong lyrics on stage over and over: not good! Either that, or you have to wait for such a long time to have your go that you only get to sing one of your favourites, which can also be very sad!

For these reasons, I love private karaoke! It’s fun, different and intimate. You are in control, which makes the evening great! I can’t deny that I do still like public karaoke, even if I was a little harsh. It’s a classic night out, although being very drunk is mandatory.

Recommended Private Karaoke Venues:

Karaoke Christmas Party - Korkers

Korkers, located in the heart of London's vibrant Soho district, is an intimate private bar that is perfect for a Karaoke Party. The venue is dedicated to your party, that's why it is one of the most popular Karaoke bars in London.

The Old Crown

Karaoke Christmas Party - The Old Crown
The Old Crown has a comfortable Lounge in which to host intimate private parties as well as a very spacious top floor, both with a private bar. The top floor adds a new level of luxury with its own DJ and tons of space to dance and sing your Karaoke Bar nigh away.