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Do you do public Karaoke / open mic nights?
Yes. We hold fortnightly FREE karaoke nights at our Soho venue Maison Touareg with 50% off selected drinks! You can get further information and FREE tickets here. Occasionally we also hold open karaoke nights to celebrate current events that are taking place - follow us on Twitter for up-to-date info so you don't miss out on these exclusive nights!

How many Microphones will there be for us to use?
We have 2 available at each venue, however more than two people can use them at any one time for group singing!

Will there be anyone else in the Karaoke room during my party?
No. The Karaoke room will be for the exclusive use of your group during the time of your booking.

I want more people than the venue allows, is this okay?
All of our venues will allow up to an extra 5-15 people over the stated capacity. If you want to bring significantly more people please let us know and we will try out best to accommodate your request.

How many Karaoke rooms are there at each venue?
Most of our venues have a single Karaoke room but some venues such as Greig's have two.

Where is the bar?
In some venues you will have your own bar in the Karaoke room, in other venues it may be just outside the room or on another floor.

Do you do any all inclusive packages including food and drink?
Not as such but there is a wide selection of food and drinks available at every venue and you can order any combination to suit your requirements and budget. You can also leave a set amount of money behind the bar or pre-pay for a certain amount of drinks.

What does the booking fee include?
The booking fee includes exclusive use of the Karaoke room, use of the Karaoke equipment and your own barman for the duration of the booking* (in cases where there is a bar in the Karaoke room). *minimum spend may apply

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is detailed on our Terms and Conditions. Cancellations made more than 7 days before the booking are entitled to a full credit, redeemable at any of our venues within 6 months of the original booking date. Cancellations made less than 7 days before the booking are entitled to a full credit minus a £50 administration fee, also redeemable at any of our venues within 6 months of the original booking date.

Can I get access to the venue before my party to decorate etc?
Yes, you can access all the venues up to 15 minutes before your booking to decorate, bring balloons etc. Decorations must not mark the walls and none of the venues allow confetti or anything else that makes a mess or is hard to clear up.

Can I bring a stripper?
Yes, some of our venues allow strippers but please inform us beforehand as this may depend on individual venue policy.

I'm running late, what do I do?
Please advise us if you're running more than 15 minutes late and let us know when you expect to arrive. Unfortunately booking slots are fixed and we will not usually be able to let you stay past your booking end time but the bar staff will always try their best to extend your booking a bit if other bookings and closing times allow.

Do you have any Christmas Karaoke Packages?
Standard hire rates apply during the Christmas period (£110/hour or £400 for the whole evening). All venues have Christmas Menus available and will be uploaded to our website seasonally. Where the Christmas menus have not yet been published it's still possible to book the room and the venue manager will then call as soon as the Christmas menu is available to add food (usually cost is less than £20 per person).