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A lot of bars, pubs and clubs have private hire rooms. These provide a very low operating cost with a high revenue additional income to your establishment without having to change your business plan, when they have customers using them. The task of getting customers to your private room can be very time consuming for staff to answer calls and arrange entertainment for the customer. By working with Karaoke Network you can change your private hire space into a private hire karaoke room to maximize potential, Karaoke Network can provide you with customers driven to your space through our highly skilled sales team matching our customers needs to the provisions of your private space. This isn’t without the help of our operations team providing you with the support to get your hire space set up and your team trained to provide the best karaoke parties in London.

The way we operate to provide private karaoke parties is that we work with certain bars now that we know can provide the great customer service that we offer. The customers will book through us for a certain period of time, usually arranged in a way that we can get the best use of your room by possibly providing more than one party per night, so if a customer books 7-9pm the software will stop after their last song at 9pm then a party could be scheduled in 10-12am so that there is no dead time in use of the room. We don’t take any commission from our bars so that all wet spend is taken by the bar, so there is no need to change the way that your bar functions – these customers are just the same as your regulars but with an itch to sing for the evening.

Karaoke makes a great argument to be a constant add on to your venue. Not only does singing improve your health, it includes everyone from every age from older people being able to belt out the classics to the youth singing along to the latest hits. With a choice of over 9000 songs there will be the ability for everyone to get involved. There is no initial outlay for equipment when you work with Karaoke Network, only a deposit to be put down against the equipment that we upkeep and maintain on a regular basis – keeping your costs down to a minimum so that you can get the maximum out of the venture. We make sure that the equipment is portable so that should there be a time when you are not booked, you do not have a room solely designated to one purpose – you can continue to use the space to host different events that you have coming up.

We have worked with a multitude of different clients and consistently provide to them the best service and customers whose requirements match those provided by the bar. From clubs such as Korkers, to restaurants such as Pizza Express and Pubs like The Burlington Arms we have a customer to suit you.

Case Study
Korkers came to Karaoke Network in 2011, at that time they were just starting off their adventure in private hire. Situated in Soho they had the perfect location for anybody looking to party in London. Providing customers with space for up to 50 people they had the perfect venue to host any karaoke party. They provided their own speaker set up from where they had previously hosted parties with DJ’s. After liaising with the venue owner and manager we began to work with them on a full time basis sending them parties throughout the week and weekends. The venue manager was impressed with the speed in the turnaround in the bookings, from an enquiry, to an email being sent out asking for availability then being able to click to confirm those bookings and proceeding with those customers booking. She had only previously experienced customers who would take a long time to confirm and often let her down when it came to confirming the booking. Not long after the venue management made the decision to stop taking bookings from elsewhere and only take bookings from Karaoke Network, saving her from all of the administration of running the booking system and dealing with the time consuming enquiries from elsewhere. That was when the partnership really took off, knowing that the space wasn’t going to be busy when it wasn’t already booked we could turn around bookings in a single call and provide more customers going through the doors than we could before. Put simply in numbers in 2014 there were 200 parties that took place there, with the minimum spend at £200 that works out to being a £40,000 take home from the parties. Of course this isn’t the minimum and is only just a guide, but the profits are there to be taken from working with Karaoke Network.

Case Study
The Burlington Arms is a Pub situated just off Savile Row. It’s usual clientele are those who live locally, finish work at 2 and enjoy the high life. The venue make use of their private hire room during the day by providing fantastic gastro pub food, but in the evenings they needed to attract in more customers once the workers had gone home. That is where Karaoke Network came in; we provided them with the equipment to host our private karaoke parties. Seeing the benefit of what karaoke events bring to the venue they began to host their own public karaoke event there every other week so that they could retain their locals into the evening, although there is a cost to hosting the karaoke parties the bar spend more than made up for the initial outlay on the entertainment.

Case Study
Pizza Express were no strangers to using their private function room atop their Bruton Place restaurant. Providing the multitude of events with the perfect space on a quiet street just off Mayfair, from pizza making to corporate meetings and from Kids birthday parties to … karaoke parties. The problem that they encountered was: once people had eaten there was no entertainment to keep their customers there so they would go off to Mahiki or elsewhere in Mayfair and their space would be empty late on into the night. Karaoke provided the most cost efficient and inclusive solution, with the customers out celebrating their birthdays, hens, stags, corporate or just because, they would stay past when they had their meal scheduled and drink into the night increasing their spend at the venue.