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  • Had a wonderful time - lovely hostess, great venue location and everyone had a blast. Many thanks! Michael

    - Michael, Korkers, 11 Apr 2014

  • Korkers was great and Adriana was a fantastic host. My Wife had a great 40th Birthday.

    - Scott, Korkers, 2 Jun 2014

  • I absolutely loved this place! It was the first time I had booked it and everyone that came had a great and unforgettable time. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a karaoke party with a great atmosphere. Staff were super friendly and extremely helpful. Thanks again for such an amazing birthday night.

    - Jon, Source Below, 16 Dec 2013

  • I had great fun on my birthday. Will be back. Thanks

    - Laura, Korkers, 1 May 2014

  • El Cantara was ok. Overall, our party was really fun. We did appreciate the extra hours.

    - Rachel, El Cantara, 10 Feb 2014

  • It's always an amazing night!! It's now my 3rd night at Slug & Lettuce with karaoke network and a great success.

    - Sam, Slug & Lettuce, 18 Dec 2013

  • A great evening at Jamies, the team were really supportive and looked after us very well. We all had a fun time!

    - Lydia, Jamie's Ludgate Hill, 8 Jul 2014

  • Venue was cool as it was ours. Bar itself was cook and quirky. Don't change the decor, it just looks like classic soho pre-modern gentrification!

    - Ivan, Korkers, 1 Jun 2014

  • Overall this place have a lot of potential, the location is good and this is reflective of their price. I will recommend this venue as the ambience was good and staff was really friendly and helpful.

    - Eric, Source Below, 14 Dec 2013

  • Absolutely fabulous and would recommend the venue to anyone.

    - Andrew, Source Below, 13 Dec 2013

  • Booked Korkers on a Saturday night for my 30th birthday! Having your own private bar makes it much better choice than booth places - everyone was really impressed! Was a perfect size for the 20-25 person party. Adriana was excellent and ordered in special drinks I had requested. Highly recommended. Mike

    - Mike, Korkers, 20 Jan 2014

  • Had an absolutely fantastic evening at Korker's. The lady working at the bar was so lovely and the venue was exactly what we needed for the hen do. Nice to have a large private space for us all to dance and sing in.

    - Jenny, Korkers, 20 May 2014

  • The venue was perfect and Adriana was a wondeful host.

    - Lizzie, Korkers, 29 Mar 2014

  • Hi, It was good fun!!! Many thanks we will be back.

    - Daniel , Slug & Lettuce, 31 Jan 2014

  • Hello, we had a good evening. The staff was very friendly and looked after us very well. Many thanks Flavia Trifogli

    - Flavia, Maison Touareg, 25 Apr 2014

  • Had a brilliant time and everyone enjoyed themselves!!

    - Sarah, Belushi's, 21 Dec 2013

  • Hi, It was a great night. Thanks very much! Everything went well even though I was worried as it was my first time organising this.

    - Charlotte, Slug & Lettuce, 9 Jun 2014

  • We all had a great night - even though we had the entire venue to ourselves, it didn't feel weird but it was actually a great space: our own bar was a definite bonus! Staff were great :) All in all, great value and a great night.

    - Harman , The Spectator, 17 Mar 2014

  • Overall the system was very good. We had a great time on our company Christmas party. Paul

    - Paul , Jamie's Ludgate Hill, 13 Dec 2013

  • Super party! My daughter and her friends had fun and Yasef did a nice job on the catering. A couple of remarks for the Karaoke itself a) it was not made clear that the booking reference was needed to start the Karaoke machine so we lost some time at the start of the party b) it didn't spoil the fun - but I was surprised that current chart [...]

    - Jenny, Source Below, 2 Mar 2014

  • We had a great night of karaoke at the Slug & Lettuce. Very good song selection and excellent private room.

    - Laura, Slug & Lettuce, 7 Apr 2014

  • We had a night at Greig's Oak by Karaoke Network. The staff here were fantastic and very helpful. Amazing night!

    - Laura, Greig's Oak Room, 4 May 2014

  • Great venue, amazing atmosphere and everyone loved it! Really loved the festive log cabin feel of the room. The woman serving was brilliant as well - keeping everyone well and truly tanked up... Cheers

    - Matthew, Belushi's, 20 Dec 2013

  • It was great we had an amazing time venue great staff very helpful and friendly food also good thanks- Marta at Karaoke Network priceless!!!! thanks

    - Nectaria, Slug & Lettuce, 1 Feb 2014

  • We had a great time, the bar staff were very friendly and nothing was a problem. Great place to have your own little karaoke party as it will only be your friends in the place. I would definitely recommend it.

    - Lee, Source Below, 1 Apr 2014

  • Hi there, I would like to say that the booking, and all subsequent dealings with the Karaoke Network staff have been great with good response times and clear and easy information and payment methods. Many thanks, Jennifer

    - Jennifer, Source Below, 6 Feb 2014

  • Venue and staff were great, and the Karaoke equipment was very easy to use, with an amazing range of songs. Everyone had a great time. All in all an amazing night!!

    - Mathew, Burlington Arms, 18 May 2014

  • What a GREAT night!! We all had such a good time. Thanks so much, Mel

    - Mel, Source Below, 12 Dec 2013

  • I'm pleased to say my sister enjoyed her karaoke party immensely, as did the Hen party guests. The concept is great, the venue (Korkers) was also great.

    - Jenny, Korkers, 19 May 2014

  • Great night out that everyone in the party enjoyed. We would book the same venue again.

    - Brian, Korkers, 13 Dec 2013

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